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This encompasses a wide range of people and even describes some of our own volunteers! They may be early-retired people who come to us to continue an interest or learn a new one or they may be people who have reached a grand age and are still able to enjoy an active lifestyle. They are able to make their own way to our groups and generally attend clubs where they can extend their knowledge and skills. At our "fit activities" we have qualified teachers and there is always a qualified first-aider present. However, clients must be able to attend to their own personal care needs and take a participatory role in the group.

We use this term to describe those people who have become frail with age or illness and need a little help and assistance to continue an independent life style. Whilst these people are openly welcomed to our "fitter activities", they usually come to our day clubs. They are also the largest group of people that we provide to medically related appointments for. They may need assistance with their personal care needs and use our care services and bathing service too. In this group we would also include our "Memory Lane" clients who are experiencing confusion / early stages of dementia, as they need that little bit more care and attention.

We do not use this term unless the client also describes himself or herself as disabled and we fully realise that permanent disability does not necessarily mean long-term illness or frailty. When we say a group has "disabled clients" we mean that a particular club is suitable for people with a specific disability and as such we run a Visually Impaired Club and Craft Clubs. We have trained care workers on site who understand the disabilities of the people they are helping and are able to assist clients should they require it. We often transport disabled people to our clubs and medically related appointment and have a specially adapted vehicles to transport those unable to leave their wheelchairs.