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Our Domestic Services can handle any house work or domestic chores such as:

  • Gardening
  • Cleaning
  • Shopping
  • handyman

Gardening Service

We have a small team of gardeners who will help people who are unable to do their own gardens due to illness or disability. The gardener is vetted by SERVE and paid directly by the client.

Cleaning Service

We have a team of cleaners able to help those who are unable to do their own housework due to illness or disability. Our cleaners are carefully vetted and interviewed. Cleaners and clients come to an agreement about the work to be undertaken and the client pays the cleaner.

Shopping Service

SERVE currently has 12 valiant volunteers providing a weekly shopping service to over 30 clients. Each week the client provides a list for the Volunteer. On delivery the client is then responsible for the cost of the provisions and travelling expenses.

Handyman Service

Our handyman service now forms part of our Accident Prevention Scheme.

 Created By Neil Anderson & Meena Pillai  Email:

Domestic Services