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                    Care in the community - Code of practice   

Code of practice continued 

The SERVE Code Of Practice is designed to establish the guidelines to enable the organisation to provide home care and to operate in such a way as to :

  • Ensure the highest standards of care are provided
  • The rights and welfare of clients are paramount
  • The rights and welfare of Care Workers are protected


  • The principal objective of Serve Care At Home is the provision of support to enable older people to be cared for in their own homes for as long as possible and to provide the appropriate care in order to achieve this objective.

  • The care provided will always take into account the needs and wishes of the client and address their individual circumstances in terms of independence, physical and welfare requirements and dignity.

The Client's rights

Personal Choice

  • SERVE will always allow each individual to exercise his or her full potential for personal choice of lifestyle and opportunity.

  • We will ensure that each client is consulted directly, or by use of their advocate, in decisions over the provision, extent and timing of any care planned or the withdrawal of any service.

  • Where, for reasons of mental frailty, the client is not able to participate fully in planning care, consideration should be nevertheless be given to his or her wishes insofar as these are expresses and are practical.

  • The right of clients not to accept into their own homes care workers with whom they are not compatible will be upheld.


  • Each client will be provided with a detailed service agreement together with information about costs and exactly what the cost covers.

  • SERVE will, wherever possible, offer advice and guidance on other sources of help and services available.

Privacy / Confidentiality

  • The client’s right to privacy and confidentiality will be observed and respected.

  • Any information held by SERVE will be made available to the client or their advocate upon request and will only be passed to other agencies with the express wish of the client or their advocate.


  • There is an agreed Complaints Procedure in place and this will be observed by SERVE and all of its staff.
  • All complaints are recorded in the client’s file together with action taken to resolve the complaint and the final outcome.
  • A copy of the Complaints Procedure will be given to each client as part of his or her contact.


 Created By Neil Anderson & Meena Pillai  Email:

Code of practice